Anti-Hero Appreciation, Part 2 (X)

"The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door." 

did you just fucking call V a hero

you seem to be seriously misinformed as to the entire point of that story

I think they’re calling these people anti-heroes, which is appropriate.

the gifset clearly uses the word hero

and even claiming V is an antihero demonstrates a basic lack of comprehension of his entire plotline

he’s the guy that murdered and committed terrorist acts and claimed noble reasons but was later revealed to have done it out of personal revenge to the point that it led to his own destruction

the fact that his deeds were in no way heroic is the entire point

the people became heroic where he completely failed to be

don’t even get me started on catwoman the legendary villain


noun: anti-hero
  1. a central character in a story, movie, or drama who lacks conventional heroic attributes.


The world is not black and white. “Heroes” and “Villains” are a POV. One can be seen as a Hero by one side while on the other, just a villain, its all based on ones perception. You see him as a villain, and thats fine. (But youre wrong lolz.)

And have you even picked up a comic in your life? Catwoman is the quintessential anti hero archetype. She walks the fine line between good and bad. Always have, always will.

Further more dont take things so literal, just because I used the word “hero” in the gifset doesn’t mean im placing them with everyday heroes or even super heros like Supes & Wonder Woman. This isnt a in-depth study of their moral conundrum.This is an ANTI HERO APPRECIATION and V, by definition, is clearly an Anti-Hero whether you recognize that fact or not.

V is literally one of the greatest heroes of all time. He is the people’s hero. He is only defined as anti due to his ability to kill those who stand in his way and how dare you try to say that that character and what he stood for was not heroic or not for noble reasons. You are clearly the one who is a closed-minded bigot who missed the entire point of the movie for trying to spin it otherwise. Go take a few history classes, actually learn the story of Guy Fawkes, go and look at the media and political systems in the UK and America for what they’re worth and then re-watch the movie and re-read the graphic novel through if you haven’t already. Perhaps then you’ll be able to grasp the concept of the story. 

And for your information, Catwoman is famous as an antihero not a villain you ignorant twat. Possibly one of the best know antiheroes in the DC universe. At least, she is to those who actually have read the comics and know the story-lines that follow her. The Red Hood is more of a villain than her, and you aren’t commenting on his presence here. To me that just further shows your lack of knowledge on DC characters. 

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